Who can view the Panther Degree Audit (PDA)?

Current FIU degree seeking students may access the PDA through MyFIU. The PDA is only available for all Undergraduate degree seeking students, Graduate and Law students admitted on or after Fall 2009.

How do I view my PDA?

To view your PDA – log into MyFIU with your Panther ID and My Accounts Password.

What will my PDA show me?

Your PDA will display the courses you have taken, are registered for and transferred (accepted by FIU). The PDA compares all of the courses on your official academic record to computer-coded requirements from the university’s catalogs. The result is an estimate of your status in meeting these requirements.

Will I be able to view my entire history of courses taken at FIU?

You will be able to view any courses that have been completed, are in progress or have been transferred in by the date your PDA was last requested. Keep in mind that any transfer work or grade changes that have not been formally submitted and accepted will not appear on your PDA.

How do I know what classes I need to take?

Your PDA will outline for you the courses still needed to meet degree requirements within each specific block. You may then use this information to discuss your plan with your academic advisor.

If I fail, drop or withdraw from a class, will that be reflected in my PDA?

Courses that you have failed, dropped or withdrawn will appear in the Additional Courses block on your audit.

If I think my PDA is incorrect, what should I do?

Your academic advisor is your primary point of contact. If he/she determines that your audit is incorrect, he/she will contact the Degree Audit Office for assistance in correcting your PDA.

Why isn’t my transfer work meeting a requirement?

Contact your academic advisor for information instructions.

If all of the boxes are collapsed and satisfied, does that mean I’m graduating?

No. Once you have applied to graduate, your advisor, Dean and the Registrar’s Office will conduct an audit of your coursework to determine if you are eligible to graduate. Missing requirements will be communicated to you by your advisor or the Registrar’s Office.

What is the Planner feature?

The Planner is a tool for you and your academic advisor to arrange course requirements into future terms. It is recommended that you work with your academic advisor to create an active plan and keep it up-to-date.

Will putting courses in my planner change the way my PDA looks?

No. Nothing entered on the Planner will affect your main PDA. You can, however, see how the courses entered in your planner will apply in your PDA once you enroll them.

Is a planned course guaranteed for the term I selected?

No. Your planner is for planning purposes only. If you discover that a course previously planned is not being offered that term, we recommend that you find a substitute course to take and work with your academic advisor to move the original course, if still needed, to a different term.

What is the What-if feature?

The What-If report allows you to hypothetically change your degree, major, or concentration. Your new What-If report will show you what coursework is required for the new major or concentration, what courses you have taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take.

If I use the What-If feature does this mean that I have changed my major?

No. The What-If function is for information purposes only.

Can I save my What-If scenario?

No. What-If reports are not saved in MyFIU. You would need to run a new What-If scenario next time you log in to see it again.

If I like what I see in my What-If scenario, how do I initiate those changes?

Speak with your academic advisor. There is a process that will need to be completed to change your degree/major/concentration.

Can I print my PDA, Planner and What-If reports?

Yes. Click on the “View Report as PDF” link and you will be able to print your report.