What is it?

The MyMajorMatch tool matches your interest with FIU majors, giving you an opportunity to explore career paths that you might have never considered. For more information click here.

How do I access it?

Log into with your Panther ID and My Accounts Password, then go to your Student Center and click the “MyMajorMatch” link under the “Admissions” section for new applicants or under the “Academics” section for current, degree seeking undergraduate students.

Who has access?

MyMajorMatch is only available to applicants and current degree-seeking undergraduate students. If you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student and do not have access, please email


What is it?

MyMajorMatch is a new way for students to discover their interests, skills, and other important information that will assist them in achieving their career goals. Through students’ assessment results, advisors can guide students toward several degrees applicable to their goals to optimize their FIU experience. For more information, click here.

How do I view a student’s MyMajorMatch assessment results?

To view a student’s MyMajorMatch Assessment results, log in to with your Panther ID and Password, then go to the “Campus Solutions” link and follow this navigation: FIU Custom – Academic Advising – Use – MyMajorMatch Results. For more detailed information and MyMajorMatch assessment results tutorials click here.

Who has access?

MyMajorMatch is only available to applicants and current degree seeking undergraduate students. If your advisee is a degree seeking undergraduate student and he/she does not have access, send an email to Please do not forget to include student’s name and Panther ID.