What is it?

How do I access it?


What is it?

How do I access My_eAdvisor?

What browser should I use to access My_eAdvisor?

How can I save pages in Panthersoft as favorites for easy access?

What if the system logs me off before I have the chance to save an advising note?

Can I export my caseload as an Excel spreadsheet?

Does My_eAdvisor have a built-in spelling-check tool?

Can I include attachments with messages I send to students?

How can I identify dismissed students in my caseload?

To determine which students are not enrolled in the current term, set the value for the “Last Enrolled” filter on the “GSI Advisees” tab to the previous term

What if I accidentally save a note for the wrong student?

Why do you exclude the instructor’s name from the early alert notification email to students?

Can departmental staff have access to creating and maintaining calendar entries for advisors on My_eAdvisor?